Elizabeth Pole
VP Rights Management

In 1999, Ms. Elizabeth Pole assumed worldwide sales and marketing responsibility for Comet.  She brings hands on experience of rights distribution and management from a classical video division of Time Warner AOL in London where she was sales manager for 5 years prior to joining Saturn. She provides and oversees project management, training and development of technical and product documentation for Comet. 
Ms. Pole has a degree in Economics from the Manchester Business School at Manchester University in England, where she serves in her spare time as Alumni Cordinator for the USA, and has a background in corporate finance.


J. Mark Schine
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Schine has been developing computer applications since 1976, when at age 15 he programmed in assembly language on one of the first personal computers available. He holds an undergraduate degree from UCLA ('84) and a M.B.A. from Wharton Business School ('87), where he concentrated in Finance and Management Information Systems (M.I.S.). At Wharton, he received the honor of "distinguished" in coursework relating to the use of personal computers for business applications.

Subsequent to his graduation at Wharton, Mr. Schine was director of strategic planning for a publicly traded computer technology company, High Resolution Sciences, until 1990. He then became a principal and vice-president at a financial and management-consulting firm based in Palo Alto. 

From 1994 to 1996, Mr. Schine was a financial consultant and contract programmer, developing sales order processing and financial systems in the wholesale mail order industry, satellite manufacturing procurement industry, recycling and non-profit foundation management industries.

In 1997, he founded Saturn Software, Inc. to develop and market business software to specific industries, eventually specializing in the entertainment industry. Mr. Schine developed and implemented software used by Sony Pictures, Cox Broadcasting, Channel 4 Television (UK), Comcast Corporation, Discovery Communications and other leading companies.  Having observed previous systems in operation, he developed the Comet database with an all-new architecture and corresponding all-new algorithms to provide a generational improvement over what was being offered by other software vendors and exceeding the business requirements of the industry.

The company’s primary focus has been to continually support and improve its powerful and easy to use rights licensing program Comet™. Implemented by both the largest studios and independent distributors, Comet™ is the most widely used film and television rights management system ever developed with hundreds of users in six continents.

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History of Comet™ Rights Management Software

In 1996 Saturn Software saw an opportunity presented by a competitive environment, market conditions and customer needs in international film and television distribution to develop an all-new, fast, powerful and easy to use rights licensing program.

Saturn's design goals were to develop a system that would increase sales and increased productivity in excess of the business requirements of the industry. That product, Comet, is now the industry standard for rights management worldwide.

Saturn and its Comet product have been in continuous ownership since 1996.